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Lala Kasturi Lal Sarvhitkari Sr. Sec. Vidhya Mandir, Rampura Phul is one of the 300 school run by Sarvhitkari Education Socity Punjab, a state body of Vidya Bharti, a voluntary and non government body running 29170 in India. Education provides in these schools is based on Indian tradition, culture & moral value system Sarvhitkari Education Society Punjab provides excellent in-service teacher training.Besides the syllabus, book and question paper are also supplied by this society.


Lala Kasturi Lal Sarvhitkari Sr. Sec. Vidya Mandir, Rampura Phul, established on 16th april,1997, has achieved many destinations in the field of education and other activities and has become one of the leading educational institution of Rampura Phul. Our sole aim is to provide Quality education based on Indian values so thet our children may face the challenges of the life boldly and play their role in the development of the country.